The Power of Television & the Internet

Recent studies indicate that Television’s Power to influence consumers throughout the decision making funnel has never been stronger. Research shows that 64% of consumers say that Television is the “Primary Action Driver” of overall brand & product awareness, and 39% of product or service purchases. Moreover, consumers continue to use the internet in the consideration phase of the purchasing funnel with 17% of respondents saying they were affected. (Source: MediaPost)

WBNG-TV and WBNG.com can create the powerful 1-2 punch you need to grow your business. WBNG’s strong local news coverage, combined with CBS’s award winning primetime programming, can deliver your message into more of your customers’ homes than any other media in the market. Partnering strong Television programming with the leading website in the market can create a marketing campaign that will drive consumers through your doors.

Our Account Managers are dedicated to helping you develop and execute marketing plans to grow your business. Please contact one of the Account Managers on our team for a free marketing consultation.

Management & Administrative Staff
Vice President & General Manager: Bob Krummenacker - 607-584-7202 - krummenacker@wbngtv.com

Local Sales Manager/New Media Manager: Darin DiPiazza - 607-584-7214 - dipiazza@wbngtv.com

National Sales Assistant: Denise Edmister - 607-584-7211 - edmister@wbngtv.com

Account Executives
Tracy Casey - 607-584-7210 - tbrannickcasey@wbngtv.com

Rich Maynard - 607-584-7290 - rmaynard@wbngtv.com

Patricia Rathburn - 607-584-7257 - prathburn@wbngtv.com

Blake Westbrook - 607-584-7218 -b westbrook@wbngtv.com

Lynette Whitman - 607-584-7236 - lwhitman@wbngtv.com

Jenna Winslow - 607-584-7212 -jwinslow@wbngtv.com

Daisy Dawson - 607-584-7215 - ddawson@wbngtv.com

Mandy Webb - 607-584-7213 - awebb@wbngtv.com

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