Scher's Previous Testimony Read To Jury

By Gabe Osterhout

July 22, 2010 Updated Mar 6, 2008 at 7:33 PM EDT

The jury in a Susquehanna County murder trial hears the defendant's testimony from a previous trial.

Stephen Scher is accused of killing attorney Martin Dillon in 1976 at a Silver Lake Hunting Camp.

Dr. Herbert MacDonell told the court that whoever shot Martin Dillon had to be near him.

Scher sat silently as his original testimony from a 1997 murder trial was read to the court.

In it, he admitted to lying, saying he became the lie and the lie became him.

Dillon was killed at a Silver Lake Hunting Camp in June 1976.

Stephen Scher is on trial for his murder.

MacDonell says based on his studies, the gun had to be close to Dillon's body.

"They wanted my opinion as to discharge distance and I gave them a range of 3 to 5 feet from muzzle to target," says MacDonnell.

Also, corporal Robert Stoud of Pennsylvania State police read Stephen Scher's testimony from the first trial.

During that testimony, Scher admitted to his affair with Patty Dillon for the first time.

She was Martin Dillon's wife, who later married Stephen Scher.

Scher also admitted that his explanation of Dillon's death was a lie.

For 20 years, Scher told everyone that Dillon had tripped while running after a porcupine and accidentally shot himself.

But in 1997, Scher changed his story.

He says the truth is Dillon asked Scher about rumors that Scher was sleeping with Patty.

Scher told Dillon that he was.

Dillon then grabbed the 16 guage shotgun.

Scher says he wasn't sure what Dillon was going to do with the gun and tried to wrestle it away from him.

That's when Dillon was shot and killed.

Scher says he lied because he was afraid no one would believe his story because Dillon's father was the mayor of Montrose and Scher was still new to the area.

He says he changed his story before the first trial because he couldn't live with the lie anymore.

Testimony has wrapped up for the week.

State Prosecutor Pat Blessington will resume his case starting Monday at 9:00 am.

No word on wether Stephen Scher will take the stand during this trial.

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