WBNG-TV HD Questions and Answers

By Lindsey Nesselbush

July 22, 2010 Updated Feb 2, 2007 at 8:21 PM EDT

One question we received is how many people does HD affect for WBNG?

According to Time Warner Cable that carries our signal, in the greater Binghamton area less than 10 percent of its customers have HD television.
That means 90%, the majority of cable households, do not have HD television.
It does not include other, small cable operators, some people with satellite TV, or people who get our signal over the air.

Another question is can I watch WBNG in HD right now?

Yes. If you have an HD TV, with an ATSC tuner, you can watch HD programming here on WBNG-TV, but not on a cable system.
You can watch free, over-the-air on digital channel 7.
You may need a simple antenna to get better reception, follow the instructions in your TV manual, and again, you MUST have an HD or high definition TV.

Is all WBNG programming broadcast in HD?
The answer is no.
The CBS network is providing HD programming from 12:30pm to 1:30pm, then in prime time from 8pm to 11pm, and again for David Letterman at 11:35pm, plus the Superbowl this Sunday.

Another question is: We don't have cable and we watch WBNG over the air. Isn't the government making changes so I won't be able to watch without special equipment?

The answer is Yes.
Our current analog signal will be available free, over the air, until February 2009 when all TV stations are required by law to switch to digital.
You'll need an HD TV or a converter to get the digital signal.
But, our digital signal will be available, free, over the air, on our digital channel.

Another viewer asks: I have an HD television, so how do I find your digital channel?

Follow the instruction manual that came with your TV.
We're on digital, or DT channel 7.
It's also 12-dash-1 on your ATSC tuner.

One viewer said he has 2 antennas for reception, one for VHF and another for UHF to get free, over the air TV signals. Which one do I need to get the HD signal?

Our engineers say the VHF antenna is the one you need because of our low digital channel.

Now, we know all this can get confusing, and we hope this helped.

We've also received a few angry emails from viewers who just want to get our HD picture through Time Warner Cable, or their local cable operator.

As we've said, WBNG just started broadcasting in HD this week.

It takes time to work these things out, and unfortunately, it won't be worked out in time for the Superbowl.

WBNG-TV is still working on an agreement with Time Warner so cable customers can receive our programming in HD.

We don't know when an agreement will be reached.

As we've said, we'll keep you posted.

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