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August 11, 2011 Updated Aug 11, 2011 at 9:06 PM EDT

Today’s new website was voted one of the top 50 travel websites in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

The website is www.hipmunk.com. It makes comparing flights easier than ever.

When users visit the site, they select departing and arriving airports and then travel dates, just as you would on the travel sites you are more familiar with. Here’s how it’s different - the totally unique results page. Similar to a bar graph, the lengths of the bars represent the duration of travel. Any layovers are shown inside the bar.

Users can sort flights by price, duration, departure or arrival times.

Or, you use what Hipmunk calls their “Agony” option, which is a combination price, duration and number of stops. The simple design and people-friendly features take the agony out of purchasing tickets.

After clicking on which flight you prefer, repeat the process to select a returning flight and click purchase. The cool part is that you can set up your flight much more quickly, get the best deal, and hipmunk lets you purchase directly from the airline.

Check out hipmunk.com by clicking here.

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