Haley's Blog: Week One of Challenge

By Haley Burton

Haley's Blog: Week One of Challenge

September 9, 2013 Updated Sep 10, 2013 at 5:09 AM EDT

My excitement for the Get Fit Challenge has gotten even greater now that it has started.

Our eight participants were chosen and started their journey last week. They met with their personal trainers at the Riverwalk Athletic Club to talk about their fitness goals and what they would like to accomplish over the next three months.

As some of you know, I had a beautiful baby girl in February 2012. My husband and I are so blessed. She's now 19 months and running around all over the place. Saying she keeps me busy is an understatement.

As the host of the Get Fit segment with Riverwalk Athletic Club on Action News This Morning, I'm participating in the Get Fit Challenge also.

What an opportunity for me to get back in shape after having a baby. It's been almost two years since my daughter has been born and it's about time that I make my health and fitness a priority once again.

I met with my trainer, Briana Hills, this week to do my first weigh-in. Before you ask, I'm not that crazy to share how much I weigh with everyone. I downloaded an app for my iPhone that is tracking my food diary (everything I eat daily and my workouts). The app is really keeping me accountable. Having to input every thing I eat each day and knowing someone (Briana) is going to be checking it, makes me think twice about the foods I'm choosing.

After our first meeting on Wednesday, I went back to Riverwalk Athletic Club on Thursday to do some cardio (treadmill, bicycle and elliptical).

My first training session with Briana was the following day, Friday, September 6. She designed me a workout that I will do three days a week at Riverwalk. My workout with Briana involves a lot of squats, dead lifts, ab and arm exercises. I will share the details next week. The other three days of the week, I will do cardio and then have one rest day.

I went back to Riverwalk on Sunday, September 8 to do my strength workout and added some cardio (elliptical).

Briana and I meet again on Wednesday and I hope to show her the progress I've made in just one week.

I hope everyone has been enjoying our Get Fit segments with Riverwalk Athletic Club on Mondays on Action News This Morning. This week, we had Patrick Wastler, personal trainer at Riverwalk, join us. He taught us some crunch-less core exercises. Patrick is also working with two participants in the Challenge and said they are doing great!

I look forward to blogging each week on my Get Fit Challenge journey. Any questions, comments, motivation, find me on Facebook at Haley Burton WBNG.

Until next week, Get Fit!