Toughing the Tough Mudder

By Chelsea Bishop

July 28, 2014 Updated Jul 28, 2014 at 8:00 AM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) Personal trainer Patrick Wastler showed how his client Tim Strnatka trained for and completed his second Tough Mudder.

The event was a 10 and a half mile course with 20 obstacles.

"I got throughout the course, I'm all in one piece," said Strnatka. "I had a great time."

To prepare for the event, did a lot of training with the help of Wastler.

"My cross training running was a big part of it. The strength training along with it is very important to prevent injuries and to get through the obstacles." said Strnatka.

"We do a lot of strength training, we did a lot of full body movements where we were working the lower body as well as with the upper body," said Wastler.

By running, Tim was able to keep his joints strong.

Tim said trainers for the Tough Mudder should keep a balance of running and increasing their mileage, as well as doing full body movements and having a good strength training program.

With two Tough Mudder competitions already under his belt, Strnatka said he's not ready to quit.

"You know to be honest I love the events so much I will probably continue with the Tough Mudder going into next year. I love the teamwork of the event, the camaraderie the wounded warrior project in which they back its a great event I enjoy it. I plan to continue as long as I can," he said.