Warming up muscles with dynamic warm-ups

By Chelsea Bishop

June 5, 2014 Updated Jun 5, 2014 at 6:47 AM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) Kristina Martemucci, the General Manager and Personal Trainer at the Riverwalk Athletic Club demonstrates dynamic warm-up exercises.

Dynamic warm-ups specifically warm up muscles and loosens joints in the body to do certain exercises.

It's suggested that everyone take five to 10 minutes to run through specific dynamic warm-ups exercises before doing any other type of activity, whether its running, weightlifting, or going for a swim.

The first warm up is an arm-leg reach that engages your core and loosens up your shoulder and hip joints. To do this exercise, put your body in a tabletop position so your shoulders are directly over your wrists and hips are above the knees. You're going to extend the right arm out and the left leg out. Then just bring it back down, and repeat about eight to 10 times, and then do it with the opposite side.

The next one exercise is a hip opener. To do this exercise, take your right leg and just make circles with the knee, going in a clockwise direction about five times. Then you'll do a couple in the other direction.

To warm up the cardiovascular aspect of the body and get the heart pumping, a mountain climber exercise can be done. Transition between one leg forward and the other back and forth.

Another one is a hip opener that is a leap frog, modifiable by coming in a little bit or trying to get the hands all the way by the feet.

The last exercise is a final hip stretch. In a kneeling position, you're going to curl your pelvis under and raise the one arm up to the sky of the knee that is done and move the entire body forward. Hold for about five to 10 seconds, and you're going to feel a stretch in the hip. Then repeat it on the other side.