Elmira Business Institute "Girls Who Mean Business"

Elmira Business Institute "Girls Who Mean Business"

August 13, 2013 Updated Oct 21, 2014 at 8:56 AM EDT

Facebook started in a dorm room.  FedEx evolved from a college term paper.  Do YOU have the next big idea for a business that will be a success with teens and tweens?  Share your idea, and be a winner of the GWE Girls Who Mean Business Contest and be the recipient of $250 from Elmira Business Institute to get you started in your new business! One winner aged 11-14 and one winner 15-18. 

Prepare a 90-second video that answers the following questions:

  What is your idea for a business?

  Why do you feel it will be a hit with teens and  tweens?

  Who would be most interested in the product or service you’d be selling?


E-mail the file to girlsworldexpo@wbngtv.com.  In the e-mail, include:

  Your Name

  Your Address

  Your phone number & e-mail

  Your age

  Your school 


Entries will be posted to the WBNG/YouNews web page. Entries must be received no later than 5pm on October 17, 2014).  Entries will be judged by a panel from Elmira Business Institute. The winner will be featured during Action News and highlighted during this year’s Girls World Expo on October 26, 2014 at the DoubleTree in Binghamton.



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