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August 7, 2014 Updated Aug 8, 2014 at 8:48 AM EST

Wolf Mountain Nature Center is a sanctuary for wolves, foxes, and even coyotes and is located on 60 plus acres of woods, fields, and ponds. It focuses on giving people the opportunity to learn about, appreciate, and admire the majestic Grey Wolf and his cousins the Arctic Fox and Eastern Coyote. Visitors can observe pack dynamics and discover the truths about these often misunderstood animals and their crucial role in maintaining balance and nature.
"If you think of kind of the fairy tales and things that we tell our children you know Little Red Riding Hood the big wolf is gonna eat up grandma," Pam Mennis, Animal Currator at the center said. "People turn into werewolves you know everything about the wolf seems to be a negative connotation where they think it's just a vicious vile creature it's gonna come eat you, your puppies, your babies, and it's really not true you know they're very family orientated and protective."
There are eight wolves, four coyote, two adult Arctic foxes, and their four brand new Arctic fox kits. All of the animals are accustomed to people but are still wild.
"We do socialize them, which means we just enable them to be acclimated to having people around them because we do need to go into their enclosure to clean up and to feed or do fence repairs or whatever so they have to comfortable with us coming or going, but they are still wild," Mennis said.
This Sunday they are hosting a Wolves and Watermelon Fundraiser
"The highlight of the day of course is when we give the wolves their own watermelon, we give them the entire watermelon and it's just fun watching them. And then this year because we do have the Arctic fox kits, we're going to allow the public, in small groups for a couple hours to come up and actually get to see the little arctic fox babies that are so cute."
It will be the first time the Arctic fox kits will be on display to the public, the event is free for kids under five, and just $5 for those over five.
Another great place to visit in Chenango County is the Northeast Classic Car Museum, where there is over 80,000 square feet of displays and even a car from 1899. The Northeast Classic Car Museum was started in 1997 and has since grown to include over 160 cars.
"We have cars all the way from 1899 all the way up to the 1970s and it goes through the brass era through to the pre war post war era and we're very proud of the collection we have," Robert Jeffrey, executive director of the museum said. "We also have a special exhibit this year which is called Car Tunes."
Car Tunes is an exhibit that showcases cars that were featured in popular music.
"We have like the Little Duce Coup, we have 409, we have the Little Red Corvette," Jeffrey said.
Eighty volunteers keeps the museum going, and they're open year round seven days a week. The museum gets approximately 11,000 visitors a year from all over the world.
"Absolutely amazing, awesome, too much to see, really it's overwhelming, just beautiful," said visitor Michael White from Clay, NY.
"I'll be here all day cause I read all the excerpts on them," said Carol White.
Chenango County is also home to the Annual Blues Fest. It's been going on for 22 years and this year is going to be even bigger and better than previous years. The Chenango Blues Fest takes place at the Chenango County Fair Grounds on Friday, Aug.15t and Saturday, Aug. 16. Even if you've never heard Blues before it's an event everyone can enjoy.
"We often hear from people who say well Blues music I don't really know, I think they have a picture in their heads that would be put right out of their heads when they get there," said Eric Larsen, president of the Chenango Blues Association. "People are surprised, I consistently hear every year from someone I can't believe this is going on right in our area I've never been, now that I've come this year I'm never going to miss one again."
This year there are 12 acts from all over the country.
"This year our headliner on Saturday is Robert Randolph and the Family Band and that's probably the biggest artist we've ever booked," Larsen said. "It's an opportunity to hear national caliber artists in a rural kind of laid back setting, people throughout our area can really see people that would headline large festivals anywhere else in the country, here you can walk right up to the stage and be five feet away from them if you want to."
In addition to great music there will also be high quality food and craft vendors, a free children's activity area and even camping available on site. Now the Blues Festival takes place August 15th and 16th and on Friday night admission is free.

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