Petco Will Reopen In Johnson City

By Jenna Hanchard

April 2, 2012 Updated Apr 3, 2012 at 1:45 AM EDT

Nearly 100 animals lost their lives within the walls of a Johnson City pet store during the September 2011 flood.

Now, the local Petco store is set to reopen for business at the same location in April.

The doors of the Johnson City Petco store are now closed.

However, signs posted on the business indicate April 14 is the date the multimillion dollar pet retailer will welcome customers once again.

When last fall's torrent swept through the Twin Tiers, the pet store giant failed to save its valuable merchandise.

After nearly 100 animals died, many residents wanted Petco to leave the Southern Tier.

Last September, Johnson City resident Ticia Eaves said, "I don't want Petco here period. They did nothing to help the community when this happened and if they don't come back I'm very happy with that."

Petco CEO Jim Meyers made his way to the Twin Tiers to try to tame the flames that developed into a blazing public relations nightmare.

He promised $25,000 to local animal shelters affected by the flood.

Like many business owners who found their properties in the way of the of rising waters, Petco wondered if it would return to the same address.

In an update to Johnson City neighbors on the Petco Scoop Blog back in October of 2011, Meyers wrote, "With major floods occuring twice in just five years, we have serious concerns about reopening our store with a full complement of animals in the current Harry L Drive location..."

In the same post Meyers explained that the company was looking for another location in Johnson City.

Calls placed to Petco's corporate office were not returned.

Though, the signs indicate the pet store will try to make Johnson City its home once again.