Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Saturday's fire at 259 Main Street left 17 families without a home, including one family with a 15-day-old baby girl. The suddenness of the fire left most of the building's tenants without the most basic essentials. The Thomas family lost their clothes, food, medications and shelter. "We don't have nothing. You know, and basically my kids are without everything," Candy Thomas said. Left stranded with nowhere to go, the Red Cross contacted Father Thomas Ward of Saint Mary's. "They had our number. So they called us and we kind of sprang into action," Ward said. The church provided a place to sleep, clothes and food. It wasn't exactly like home, but it was enough to get the families through the first 12 hours of this trying time. "There were even young children walking around without shoes, t-shirts on. They would have like a jacket on and pajama bottoms and things of that nature. Their need was very obvious," Ward said. That was just the first night. Now the real challenge for these people begins. Social services placed many of the families at the Knights Inn in Endicott where they have until March 4 to find a new place to live. "Me and my wife are looking for an apartment right now. And hopefully we get blessed by the end of the day and they tell us we can move in. It's an emergency situation," said Candy's husband, Jimi Thomas. Even though they have to start all over, the Thomas family is thankful that nobody was hurt. "By the grace of God my wife and my kids are still here," Jimi Thomas said. Anyone willing to help the Thomas family with food or clothing can call Candy Thomas at (607) 235-6125.