A Bitterly Cold Start to 2014 in Binghamton

By Chief Meteorologist Howard Manges

A Bitterly Cold Start to 2014 in Binghamton

January 23, 2014 Updated Jan 24, 2014 at 1:22 PM EDT

According to data from the National Weather Service in Binghamton, 8 days this month have had sub-zero low temperatures in Binghamton.

The official climate record is kept at the Binghamton Regional Airport. Low temperatures below zero in other locations are not seen as part of the official climate data for Binghamton and are therefore not seen as official.

The 30 year climate average of days, from 1981-2010, with below zero temperatures is just over 3 days. Since 1951, when records began in Binghamton, the January record for below zero days is 9.

Another dose of arctic air is expected to settle over the northeast next week, and it is possible that we could see a few more days below zero before February arrives.

The all time record for below zero temperature days in a month is 10 and that occurred in February of 1979. The 30 year average of days below zero for the calendar year is just under 6.