Animal Adventure fights the freezing temps (with photos)

By Kelly McCarthy

January 7, 2014 Updated Jan 7, 2014 at 7:37 PM EDT

Harpursville, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Keeping pets safe and warm is a priority for owners during the winter, but what about animals that are used to warmer, even tropical climates?

Animal Adventure is closed for the winter season but owner Jordan Patch is still spending a full day out on his farm.

"It is tough, anybody that has livestock or works outdoors I feel your pain," Patch said.

After learning temperatures would be setting record lows and facing negative wind chills, Patch needed a plan to keep his animals safe. He focused on guaranteeing food, water, and heat to many of the animals that are accustomed to warmer climates.

"Up your food rations," Patch said, "The more animals eat the more they digest and the more digestive processes going on in their body is generating more body heat."

Some of the animals from South America have heat lamps to keep them warm. Heat lamps are a new addition Animal Adventure went out and purchased last week.

"We went and bought every trough or water tank heater that we could buy," Patch said, "To make sure we weren't combating frozen water troughs and also allowing animals to water at all times."

Patch said most of the domestic and herd animals can withstand the cold weather but the wind chills caused concern. He built a wind barrier on the side of their barn so the animals could stay in their original barn but be blocked from the cold winds.

"We take readings of the spaces where they're at so we know exactly what temperatures they are laying on and what their body temperature is going to be," Patch said, "It's better than guessing. You have to know what you're doing."

Animal Adventure is closed for the winter season and will reopen this spring.