Asbestos found in two more Binghamton schools

By Kelly McCarthy

December 5, 2013 Updated Dec 5, 2013 at 7:52 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Asbestos contamination was found in two Binghamton city schools this week, but the district said it will not evacuate any students or faculty.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary and West Middle School are the latest Binghamton city schools to have confirmed reports of the cancer-causing substance.

After asbestos caused Calvin Coolidge Elementary to close in August, the school board requested all Binghamton city schools to have another round of inspections.

"And as protocol when you receive results that test positive, we need to immediately seal those areas," said Assistant Superintendent Karry Mullins, "So that's why we informed the parents yesterday because as soon as we received the results, we knew we had to seal those spaces and wanted them to be informed."

School principals mailed letters to parents and guardians yesterday that say asbestos was found in the school, but students and faculty have no access to the space.

Since students and faculty have no access to these spaces and there has been no disturbance, neither school will be shut down.

Mullins said these findings are very different from the asbestos found at Coolidge and parents should not be concerned.

"That is not the case in either of these buildings, or in any of our crawl spaces," Mullins said, "Of our other buildings, there is not access unless it is through somebody who has to go and fix a pipe and that had not been done in any of these buildings."

Binghamton School District will include money for asbestos abatement in it's next capital project. Until then, the areas will remain sealed off.