Basketball Tournament Honors The McKan's Son

By Adam Chick

August 13, 2012 Updated Aug 13, 2012 at 10:43 AM EDT

Johnson City, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Kate and Ron McKan organized a basketball tournament this weekend in honor of their son, Mason, who died in January unexpectedly.

Kate and Ron's son, Mason, died in January. He was less than a year old. Mason's Dad was hoping Mason would follow in his footsteps, and become a basketball player himself.

"Ron just kind of thought Mason would just love the game of basketball and be really good at it. So we wanted to honor him with a game that we thought maybe he'd love someday," said Kate McKan.

Now Mason's name will be forever linked to a scholarship and the opportunity for underprivileged basketball hopefuls to attend the BX Strength and Speed Development training center.

It doesn't take away the huge loss in the McKan's life but friends say this tournament is part of the healing process.

"The tournament I think is a example of how the family tries to get through the absolutely unbelievable grief of losing a young child. And this family decided that in this particular case they were going to do some community good," said Rick Sands.

Mason's Dad said the idea of a scholarship came from his dream of Mason one day earning one himself.

"We were hoping, you know. Possibly to get his college tuition paid for, that would have been the goal," said Ron McKan.

A goal that other local basketball players might be able to attain now, because of this tournament.