Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

By Kelly McCarthy

October 12, 2012 Updated Oct 13, 2012 at 12:01 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Students and teachers created a sea of blue at Chenango Forks Elementary. Joining together to launch an anti-bullying program that's been added to the curriculum.

Action News stopped by the school to see how the color blue can help these students.

When Bree Fargnoli came to Chenango Forks Elementary she didn't exactly have a warm welcoming.

"Some people were really mean, so I think the bullying program was really helpful," said Fargnoli or Chenango Forks.

Now the students are marching to prevent that kind of experience from happening again.

"They're working really hard to get bullying prevention and to overcome bullying obstacles in the building," said Chenango Forks Elementary Principal Nicole Knapp.

The Olweus Anti-Bullying Program kicked off with a parade through the hallways and into the auditorium where students learned chants against bullies.

"They're learning basic terms like, how to be a good friend, that is really important when you're teaching how not to be a bully," said Knapp.

"I think we can learn that it's best to stand up for people and not stand and watch them get bullied," said Kaylee Maietta of Chenango Forks.

It's getting the kids prepared for the new curriculum they will soon see in the classroom, which aims to eliminate bullying all together.

"The kids don't have a lot of information right now, the whole point is to get them excited about it so when we start the curriculum they're just as passionate about it as the teachers are," said Knapp.

But some of the older students are already aware of what's to come.

"You don't need to be friends with everybody but just don't be mean to them," said Fargnoli.

"I think that bullying is wrong and no one deserves to be bullied," said Maietta.

Bringing a new type of lesson to the classroom, and a better kind of friend to one another.

The Power of One MMA fighters came to the school for a demonstration and ways to handle aggressive situations.

The Olweus Bully Prevention program can be applied to any school.

It reports one in five students are bullied in some way.