Binghamton Fire Department Braces For Sandy

By Adam Chick

Binghamton Fire Department Braces For Sandy

October 28, 2012 Updated Oct 28, 2012 at 7:25 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The Binghamton Fire Department is also preparing for the worst with Sandy approach to the Southern Tier.

The Binghamton Fire Department is doing everything possible to prepare for Hurricane Sandy.

Just in case of flooding, they have their boats ready to launch.

They've made sure the motors are running well, doing work on the motors and making sure they're all up to par.

They also have several water pumps running that they use for pumping out basements.

After last year, flooding is still very much on the minds of the fire department.

"That was a one in a lifetime event what happened last year. And I do feel we've learned from that we've developed a lot of guidelines, a lot of procedures that we will follow and we should be in good shape," said Assistant Fire Chief Larry Ostanek.

Also new this year is a checklist of things that must be done at the actual fire station in downtown Binghamton including make sure trucks are stocked and fire fighters are on call in case there is a need for overtime.

The station was flooded last year, and the checklist ensures that all the appropriate steps are taken to mitigate damage.

While heavy flooding isn't expected from rivers the fire department is concerned that leaves might clog the sewers and cause some minor flooding in the streets.