Blaze Rips Through Former Endicott Johnson Warehouse

By WBNG News

August 23, 2011 Updated Nov 25, 2013 at 5:17 AM EDT

An afternoon blaze rips through a portion of an historic factory in Endicott.

Only one fighter sustained minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

The fire is out -- but investigators are still working to find a cause.

The call came in at 4:20 Tuesday afternoon as several fire crews including West Endicott and West Corners headed to the scene.

"Upon arrival, we noticed the building was fully involved. Heavy flames and smoke coming from the back half of the building," says West Endicott Fire Chief Jason Montabone Chief.

The blaze tore through the back of an old Endicott Johnson warehouse.

Firefighters say it was not safe for them to enter the building to battle the flames.

They then used a method called Surround and Drown.

"We didn't make entry because of the condition of the building. This building has been vacant for quite a few years. We used multiple hose lines, large diameter hose lines on the outside of the building to fight the fire," says Montabone.

The method proved to work as fighter fighters were able to put out most of the flames shortly after.

"We are fighting with a few hot spots. It very difficult to get to a few because the roof did collapse on part of the building," he says.

By 6:30 Tuesday night, fire investigators were finally able to wander through the charred structure to try to determine what started the blaze.

As investigators searched for a cause code officials say there were problems with several break ins at the building.

"We've had some problems with doors that are getting open or fences that were getting opened. The door along north page, we'd come by and it was wide open and we'd have to get it re-secured," says "Daria Golazeski, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, Code and Ordinances of the Town of Union.

As the smoke clears and night falls officials to continue to work to find out what happened.

Code officials say North Page LLC is the owner of the building.

The building has been vacant for the past 20 years.

The building has changed owners several time in the past

Code officials say North Page LLC had plans to redevelop the property but they never followed through.