Broxmeyer Appeal Reduces Charges

By WBNG News

Broxmeyer Appeal Reduces Charges

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 5:29 PM EDT

A former field hockey coach convicted of a sexual relationship with former players has some charges against him dropped.

The U-S court of Appeals has thrown out 3 of the charges against 39 year old Todd Broxmeyer of Lisle.

He was convicted of in federal court in September of 2008.

The dropped charges include 2 counts production of child pornography and a count of transporting a minor across state lines for sex.

The court found Broxmeyer did not take two pornographic pictures himself.

He could only be charged with possession of the photos.

Broxmeyer's attorney argued there was no proof that Broxmeyer convinced the girl to send him sexually explicit pictures.

The appeal also stressed that the girl was 17 at the time of the relationship making their sexual contact legal under New York State law.

Broxmeyer does admit to having several sexual relationships with players on girls field hockey teams.

Girls are the teams were between 14 and 18 years old.

Broxmeyer will now be re-sentenced.

It could cut his time in prison from 40 years to 15.