Campaign to Save Cooperstown Teen

By Lindsay Nielsen

April 18, 2011 Updated Apr 19, 2011 at 3:17 PM EDT

Cooperstown, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Jury selection is coming up for a Cooperstown teen, accused of attempted murder for shooting a classmate.

His father has now started a campaign to keep him from prison.

When you drive through Cooperstown you might come across these blue signs.

Last April, 16-year-old Anthony Pacherille allegedly chased a teen into the Cooperstown Police Station where police say he shot the boy in the arm and then himself in the face.

Now, a year later, his father has launched a website and started a campaign.

"I'm not trying to influence anyone, I'm trying to educate them, they can go there to the website, see what's there take from it what they want, if they wish not to believe what they see that's fine," says Anthony Pacherille's father, Tony.

Pacherille is charged with attempted murder, attempted assault, and criminal use of a firearm.

Along with the signs there have been thousands of mailings sent to those in Otsego County.

Both the DA and Pacherille's father says they could still reach a plea deal before the set trial in May.

"I'll certainly be asking all the perspective jurors if they've seen the material, if they've been influenced by the material, if it's going to effect their ability to sit on the jury," says Otsego District Attorney, John Muehl.

Muehl says the victim, Wesley Lippitt, and his family are not happy with the campaign.

"They received the mailing in their mail where the alleged victim had to see the mailing as well and they feel that it's very disrespectful to the alleged victim," says Muehl.

According to Pacherille psychiatrists say his son has severe mental illness and should be in a psychiatric hospital.

"I never saw a thing but not a day goes by where I don't ask myself was there something there and I missed it and that's something I'm going to have to always live with." says Tony Pacherille.

Muehl says he has offered the defendant a plea deal for less than half of the twenty five years Pacherille may face if found guilty.

Last year, friends and family established the Anthony Pacherille Defense Trust Fund.

Since then, it's raised around 10- thousand dollars for Pacherille's legal fees.

His father says with the addition of the website, they expect to raise even more money.