Can Cooperstown Heal?

By Alice Maggiore

July 22, 2011 Updated Jul 23, 2011 at 4:07 PM EDT

Cooperstown, NY (WBNG Binghamton) One teen is going to prison while the other looks ahead to start his senior year. Anthony Pacherille is sentenced for shooting at Wesley Lippit more than a year ago in Cooperstown.

With a brisk and solemn stride, Anthony Pacherille, 17, walks out of Otsego County Court and into a vehicle that will carry him to state prison, where he will spend the next 11 years.

In April, he pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

In 2010, Parcherille shot classmate Wesley Lippit in the arm, then turned the gun upon himself. This, after chasing Lippit from Cooper Park into the Cooperstown Police Station.

Pacherille previously wrote he shot Lippit because he was black.

"The truth is out now, and I think people really just need to leave it," says Lippit. "So the community can heal, and everyone really, can just move on as a whole."

Lippit says it's time to leave the story alone. He says he's ready to move forward, looking ahead to playing soccer, and starting his senior year.

"I think it can move forward, if ah, the Pacherille family can just let it go.... just let the community heal on it's own. Just stop with the websites, the articles." Lippit says.

But the Pacherille family says this story started long before April 2, 2010. They say Anthony was the target of unfair bullying from Lippit and others.

"That's not Anthony, Anthony is an ill boy, he's an ill boy, that needs treatment, not prison time," says Kathy Pacherille, Anthony's mother.

She fears for her son in state prison, and asks for compassion and mercy.

"This case has torn the Cooperstown community apart, needlessly," Kathy says. "We will continue to support our son. We have not been allowed to move on, we have not been allowed to move on."

The judge denied a request from the Pacherille family to sentence Anthony as a youthful offender.

He was sentenced as part of a plea bargain he accepted.

Pacherille's father, Tony, started the "Save Anthony" campaign back in March.

He says psychiatrists say his son has severe mental illness.

The father also faces misdemeanor charges of stalking and harassment.