City council members outline next steps after leaked email

By Anna Norris
By Julianne Peixoto

August 20, 2014 Updated Aug 27, 2014 at 5:22 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Republican members of the Binghamton City Council said an ethics investigation and resignations are needed in order to restore public trust.

This comes after a leaked email written by Community Development Advisory Committee chairman Marty Doorey called on the job requirements of the city clerk to include spying on the mayor and other political parties.

"The fact that my ethics have been called into question again over an email that I didn't write, I didn't approve, I didn't send, I didn't sign...it's actually ludicrous," said Teri Rennia, President, Binghamton City Council, "And it continues, I mean it continues. There have been baseless accusations made."

Rennia told Action News she doesn't believe the situation is a big enough deal for Marty Doorey to resign.

"This is truly not a political issue," said minority leader Joe Mihalko. "This is about integrity and integrity to the residents, they voted us in."

Last Wednesday, Republicans Joe Mihalko, Chris Papastrat and John Matzo outlined a series of actions they are now taking to correct this situation.

First, the three councilmen are calling on Teri Rennia to step down as president.

The Republicans are also demanding the resignation of Marty Doorey, the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) chairman. According to the Republicans, Doorey wrote the email and has denied any wrong doing.

The Republicans are also asking Councilman Bill Berg to request Doorey's resignation, as Doorey is Berg's representative on the CDAC. According to a news release, Berg said on Monday that Doorey will keep his job. However, the Republicans said that decision is up to the members of the CDAC, not the councilman.

The Republicans are also sending letters to all of the members of the CDAC, asking them to vote in a new chairman in January 2015.

Lastly, a copy of the leaked email has been sent to the Broome County Board of Ethics for a review.

"There's a lot of things the Republicans have done wrong, have we thrown stones? No," said Jerry Motsavage. "It's not gonna get us anywhere. Let's move the city forward."

Former deputy city clerk Jeremy Pelletier was sworn in as the new city clerk after a unanimous vote Wednesday night.

"I work for city council as a whole and the residents of the city of Binghamton," said Pelletier. "What that email said is not what the job description of the city clerk is."

In a news release, the three Republicans stated the following:

"The public trust has been broken. Multiple officials were exposed acting unethically. Situations like this are what create distrust in government. This situation has not been resolved to our satisfaction. It is our job to hold those involved accountable and responsible for their actions."