Council Refuses Questions, Calls For Cops

By Dave Greber

Council Refuses Questions, Calls For Cops

April 2, 2012 Updated Apr 2, 2012 at 11:33 PM EDT

Montrose, PA (WBNG Binghamton) It's been three weeks since an Action News story exposed members of the Montrose Borough council calling Susquehanna County residents names in an email exchange among one another.

Council members declined to comment for that story in mid-March.

And they wouldn't talk tonight, not even to the people on the receiving end of that ridicule.

In fact, when they were confronted during the meeting, council members quickly brushed questions aside and moved on.

At the start of the meeting, they tabled a discussion item on the agenda that would have allowed non-borough residents time to speak.

When they were questioned after the meeting, they quickly requested the help of borough police.

An Action News investigation released March 13 showed council members resorted to name-calling of Dimock residents and Craig Stevens, who lives in Silver Lake Twp.,

In one exchange, Councilman Sean Granahan used words like "thugs” and “lake poachers to describe Stevens and others.

In a Feb. 7 response to Councilwoman Julanne Skinner, Granahan wrote: “I cannot speak for the rest, but I for one did not anticipate the Dimock thuggery from last night.”

He said Dimock residents were “looking to pirate our water and pocket the proceeds from their royalties and settlements.”

Rather than answers, those who were looking for answers as to why their names appeared in the emails instead were met with frustration.

"I have a right, if they're talking about me, I have a right to bring that up in a meeting," said Craig Sautner, who lives in Dimock. "But when they table it before the meeting happens, what other alternative do we have other than asking them after the meeting. And that's when they got all upset. This isn't over. This is far from over."

Montrose council cancelled their last meeting in March, citing a lack of agenda items.

They meet again later this month. It's not known whether the agenda item removed tonight, giving non-borough residents a chance to speak, will be included.