Hickey: 'I'm my own man'

By Perry Russom

July 30, 2013 Updated Aug 1, 2013 at 2:51 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Republican mayoral candidate Ed Hickey said he's running to give the city of Binghamton a fresh look.

First, he has to get through the Republican primary on Sept. 10.

"When I decided to run, I did reach out to the Republican powers that be and I was told 'No, thank you. We've already picked our guy' and I realized right then that when they're picking their guy, their guy will pick our pockets," said Hickey.

Action News caught up with Hickey on the city's west side as he went door to door with a member of his campaign.

This is Hickey's first time running for mayor.

Currently, he runs two bars in Binghamton.

"My bars are a pulse of the entire community," he said. "You might have an unemployed car mechanic sitting next to a very wealthy lawyer, and I have the same respect for each of those two people."

Hickey's platform stands on broadening the tax base and taking care of seniors and children.

"We don't need more lawyers. We don't need more judges," Hickey said. "What we need is more football coaches, basketball coaches. What we need is someone who keeps the kids responsible and we give them a carrot to succeed."

He said he hasn't bought any advertisements on TV or the radio and he isn't taking any large donations.

"When I knock on doors and I start talking to people and I see how much they want change and how much they like the idea of having a voice in this election, rather than be fed a couple of candidates, it inspires me."

Hickey said the campaign so far has been bipolar.

He said some days, he feels on top of the world, while on others, he feels like he's up against a political machine; a machine he hopes to take down at the primary in September.

On Monday, Action News followed around Republican candidate Douglas Walter Drazen.

Action News is scheduled to go door to door with candidate Rich David Wednesday.