Earthquake Felt Here

By Matt Markham

August 23, 2011 Updated Aug 23, 2011 at 7:02 PM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) The Twin Tiers shook Tuesday afternoon from an earthquake centered in Virginia.

The USGS says a 5.9 magnitude quake shook around 2:00 p.m. near Richmond, Virginia.

This is significant for the East Coast.

Neighbors in pretty much every community across the area felt something. Employees in taller buildings said they felt the building shake and sway.

Others noticed water moving in their homes, plates rattling.

Many people we spoke to said they felt lightheaded during the few seconds the Earth shook.

"I look down and the water that I had just put on -- so I knew it wasn't boiling -- swooshed out of the pan," said Paula Kinne from the Town of Maine. "I said it is an earthquake!! I was scared. I never in my life felt anything like that before."

"I kept sitting there, thinking, 'What is this?' You know, the chair is moving; the file cabinet is shaking and vibrating," said Pam Monk of Binghamton.

"I noticed there was a rolling motion on the chair that I was sitting on, and I could feel a rolling, and that's when I knew it wasn't a normal occurrence," said Bari Sklaroff of Binghamton.

"All of the sudden I started feeling nausious in my stomach, and I looked around. I saw the walls actually moving and stuff shaking," said Katie Butenko of Binghamton. "So I got out of my office and was like, 'Did you guys feel that?'"

There was also a magnitude 2.2 earthquake in Altamont, NY near Albany.