Engineering Entertainment and Fun

By Brennan Smith

May 13, 2011 Updated May 13, 2011 at 8:01 PM EDT

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Binghamton University Engineering Students are relaxing after spending countless hours preparing for this day.

Seniors presented their capstone projects.

Mechanical, electrical and computer engineering majors teamed together to showcase two semesters worth of hard work.

In teams, they came up with ideas for inventions, drew up blue-prints, and built proto-types within the confines of a budget.

"We are actually under the requirement of $1,500 for the three shades we were designing," said Binghamton University Student Tony Tsang.

Toni and his team built a solar thermal-shade.

It can be used to keep the heat from the sun out of windows in the summer.

Complete with powered, moving parts, it met the requirements of the challenge.

Several groups partnered with the Magic Paint Brush Project to build toys.

"It's specifically for in-motion candidates who are physically disabled. This project helps them squirt paint without having to physically squeeze the bottles of paint. They simply have to touch this button, and paint will squirt out of that nozzle," said Binghamton University Senior Corey Juliano.

Teams had to meet certain requirements for their projects.

It had to weigh under thirty pounds, have an on/off switch, squirt paint, light-up, shake, vibrate.

"Some of the biggest challenges we faced were the integrating of the electrical and mechanical components. As to shoot paint, it required a a mechanical rack and pinion system, as well as a motor driven by our electrical circuits," said Binghamton University Student Steven Burns.

The Magic Paintbrush team will also donate its invention to the project, proving that engineering can be entertaining and fun.