Fair Food

By Matt Markham

September 2, 2011 Updated Sep 2, 2011 at 6:47 PM EDT

Town of Geddes, NY (WBNG Binghamton) If you haven't eaten dinner yet, this story may make you hungry. We've been traveling the State Fairgrounds this week and our last stop focuses on that tasty fair food, and some of the popular dishes are inspired by those of the Southern Tier.

"Fifty years ago, all you saw out here was cotton candy, sausages and hamburgers," said Grazi Zazzara from Pizze Fritte.

Well, boy has that changed! You'd be hard pressed to find something you didn't like here on the New York State Fairgrounds.

You've got Tully's Tenders to start. Then, maybe the best deal here -- a baked potato for a dollar -- with state-grown potatoes!

Another popular place for people to stop when they come from the Southern Tier is the roasted corn booth.

You don't have to go to the Shore for salt water taffy. But there's also that sweet sugary fried dough from Pizze Fritte.

"We've been here for fifty years, Zazzara said. "This is our fiftieth anniversary here."

This place has made quite an impact in that time.

"The fried dough industry started right here at the New York State Fair with my father," Zazzara said.

You know what else became very popular from the Fair? Spiedies!

"None of the Binghamton people want toppings," said Suzie Abboud. "They want plain spiedies with just spiedie sauce."

Apparently we're picky about how we want them.

"Everybody from Binghamton comes by and says, oh, I want them plain," Abboud said.

But, we even like to put a kick in the sauce sometimes.

"We decided to add to it and make it international to a Spanish spiedie," Abboud said. "It's still the meat and the marinade, but we add the toppings."

Here we show the rest of the State why our food is special, and sample that of other regions.

Maybe the food is so good because we can only have it once a year.

The Fair continues through the weekend but ends on Monday.

After you eat, there are some big concerts for the final weekend.

Lady Antebellum performs Friday night, and Sugarland and Sarah Bareilles sing Saturday night.