Finding A Forever Home

By Brandi Bailey

Finding A Forever Home

December 12, 2012 Updated Dec 13, 2012 at 1:55 PM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) We often think about making sure people have a place to go during the holidays, but who takes care of the animals?

"I come in, I'll feed them, walk them, and do whatever necessary to get through the day," said employee David Mabus.

Now multiply that times by up to 40 dogs.

All of the dogs are fed twice a day and let out often to exercise.

Each one has a story just like Demetra.

She came to the Humane Society starving, but wasn't alone.

"She was rescued starving. She was pregnant with about 12 puppies," said Mabus.

Demetra delivered the puppies soon after arriving at the shelter.

All of her puppies were adopted.

Like many of the older dogs at the shelter, she's waiting for her forever home.

Employees at the Humane Society work to give each dog individual attention, but it's nothing like the attention they'd get from a good owners.

"I've fostered a few dogs for a week or three nights. They really like because it's hard to see them in their kennels," said employee Rachel Sambursky.

It helps the dogs remember the feeling of having a home.

"When they leave you're really happy but sad at the same time," said Sambursky.

The Humane Society hopes that dogs like Demetra will walk into the shelter to stay awhile, but walk out with a new owner and a second chance at life.