Irene: Recovery Needs

By Haley Burton

September 1, 2011 Updated Sep 1, 2011 at 10:56 PM EDT

Village of Margaretville, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The focus in Delaware County is now recovery.

The impacts of Hurricane Irene have left the three Villages with devastation. Margaretville is one.

A team from Governor Andrew Cuomo's Upstate Storm and Flooding Recovery Task Force took a look.

'I have been dispatched to Delaware County to make sure that we speed up recovery and we respond to each and every one of the issues that come about," said RoAnn Destito, Commissioner of State Office of General Services.

In Margaretville, the streets are busy and morale is high.

"We're a tough community here and we will get the job done," said Jim Eisel, Board Chairman for Delaware County. "We had a tremendous flood in 1996 and this is 53 inches higher than the water level in 1996."

It will be a big job for the Village to clear away collapsed buildings, clean up mud and fix broken roads.

"We're trying to make sure they have a good, consistent message about just how much help we need. The residents, the local municipalities here, they need everything they can get to push this recovery process forward," said Rich Bell, Delaware County Director of Emergency Services.

The Task Force toured the damage talking to those residents and businesses who have lost it all, to see how they can help Margaretville bounce back.

"We've seen debris management, as you can see, stream clean up, making sure that the next time that this happens. If we have rainfall, that we don't have something similar happen, getting into those streams and cleaning up," said Destito.

"I've been through 1996, 04, 05, 06 and today's floods. And something has to be done to the river. I talked to the Governor yesterday and his assistant. We have to have some kind of flood control in this area," said Village Mayor, William (Bill) Stanton.

Bridge Street was one of the hardest hit. The CVS is gone. Inside, the Fresh Town market place, there's lots of mud with shelves ripped to pieces. It's the only grocery store for miles.

"They need everything. Some of them have lost their houses. We've got Red Cross shelters. We're giving them food, we're giving theme everything they need. They have a temporary pharmacy set up at the hospital because the CVS was wiped out," said Eisel.

Village of Margaretville is still in a State of Emergency. The National Guard and police are set up around Main Street and will not allow cars to drive in the area of damage while crews clean up and assess the impacts.

How can you help Delaware County recover? Donate goods, cash and/or your time.

The following items are needed:

Cleaning products, baby supplies such as formula/diapers, wipes, and only new car seats, sanitary products, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, deodorant, contact lens eye solution, bandaids, Q tips, body lotion, hand sanitizer.

All items can be dropped off at Delaware Opportunities, State Highway 10, Hamden, NY, Oneonta Ford Inc. St Hwy 23 Oneonta, NY or Catholic Charities, 15 S. Main Street, Oneonta, NY.

Canned goods and non perishable foods including soup, stew, pasta meals, peanut butter, jelly, crackers, boxed milk, and 100% juice.

Take such items to Delaware Opportunities or Oneonta Ford Inc. St Hwy 23 Oneonta, NY. Items will then be distributed food directly to flood victims or to local County Food Banks..

School supplies needed: backpacks, pencils, pens, composition note books, calculators, glue sticks, blunt scissors, crayons and markers.

Drop off at Oneonta Ford, State Highway 23, Oneonta, NY or Delaware County Department of Social Services, 99 Main Street, Delhi, NY and Delaware Opportunities.

For Furniture donations call Delaware County Office for the Aging, (607) 746-6333 to leave contact information and what you have to donate. This is necessary due to limited storage space for such items. By leaving your number further arrangements will be made to match your donation with someone in need.

Clothing drop off sites: Delaware Opportunities, State Highway 10, Hamden, NY, the Open Door, State Highway 28, Delhi, NY, Catholic Charities, 15 S. Main Street, Oneonta, NY

Cash donations may be made to the United Way of Delaware and Otsego Co. Disaster Fund.

Call (607) 432-8006 to make such donation, or mail your check donation to United Way of Delaware and Otsego County, 31 Maple Street, Oneonta, NY 13820.

If you would like to volunteer with the clean up activities, contact the Office for the Aging, (607) 746-6333.

Written by Human Services Committee
Contact Person- Susan Aikens Del Co DSS work number 832-5300.