Jurors View More Video of Accused Murderer in Taft Trial

By Lindsay Nielsen

August 22, 2012 Updated Aug 22, 2012 at 6:38 PM EDT

Wednesday marked day six of testimony in the Veronica Taft murder trial, and jurors have yet to hear exactly when, how, and why investigators believe Taft beat and killed 2-year-old Lyric Taft

During the interrogation video of Taft, she tells detectives she had nothing to do with her son's death and that it must have happened while she was at work.

At one point Taft began to rock back and forth saying "My poor baby, I hope he didn't suffer."

She also repeated "He's going to pay for what he did," referring to her ex boyfriend, Charles Pratt who was babysitting her children the night before Lyric was found dead.

Taft told detectives she was in shock and did not believe Pratt would have killed Lyric.

But later said to them, "If you guys got the evidence you need why don't you just lock him up what do you need me for?"

The defense cross examined Binghamton Police Investigator Jeffrey Wagner.

Wagner admitted Pratt was at one time considered a suspect.

When asked about disciplining her children in the video Taft says they were well behaved and she would only make them sit in a corner to punish them.

A nurse that was working in the ER at Lourdes Hospital on December 30, 2010 where Lyric was brought told jurors she noticed Taft covering her hands with her hoodie jacket the entire time and thought it was very odd.

During the video Taft told detectives she saw Lyric before she left for work prior to taking a nap and he was fine and had no visible injuries.

The three adults in the Taft home during the time Lyric is thought to have been beaten and died each said they know nothing about what happened to him.

Testimony will continue on Friday in Broome County court.