Kids Ask: Where's The Snow?

By Cristina Frank

February 9, 2012 Updated Feb 9, 2012 at 8:42 AM EDT

Endwell, NY (WBNG Binghamton) - The winter of 2012 is looking to be a mild one.

While many may be happy about not having to shovel sidewalks, plow driveways or travel around in the winter mess.....just as many KIDS are NOT happy about a lack of snow days, sledding or snowball fights.

We hit recess to talk with the experts.

"I don't like it because there is no snow. There is barely any snow," says Homer Brink Elementary School 1st Grader Kaetlyn Lamoreaux.

"what do you think about the winter so far?"

"It's not here," 1st Grader Natalie Peters said.

"It's not coming," says 1st Grader Lauyen Smith.

"Well, not that happy...because my favorite season is winter and I like the snow and stuff," 1st Grader Cameron Squir said.

Instead of building a snow fort - in the middle of winter, these kids at Homer Brink Elementary are playing outside with temperatures in the mid-50's.

"If I miss the snow it's because the snow is so fun....and you can do fun stuff in the snow. I throw snowballs at my brother. Put ice in my brother's....put ice in his snowpants. Go sledding with my younger sister and make snowman," Lamoreaux said.

"I like to make snowmen and knock them down with my brothers," says Squir.

"And we made snow angels and a tiny snowman," 1st Grader Lyrik Faling says.

"Do you miss doing that stuff?"


Look around - mid-winter and with barely or if any snow on the ground....when it comes down to the figures - how does this year stack up? According to snow totals at the Binghamton Airport...just including the months of December and January: In 2010 - we saw 38.2'' of snow, 2011 - 57.7'', then so far this season - 24.3''. For 2012 - That's 39% BELOW average.

Ask these snow-experts under 4 feet tall...and they can tell you why.

"The sun! it's steaming hot and the snow cannot touch the ground without being burned."

"It's like turning into spring."

"Well, it all melted."

5 weeks left of winter...there is one thing these kids want...SNOW!

The kids we talked to say they're hopeful a snow day will soon be in the future.