Lawyer Responds to Lisle Dog Control Controversy

By Haley Burton

August 2, 2012 Updated Aug 2, 2012 at 5:46 PM EDT

Town of Lisle, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Some people in Lisle are up in arms over the way they say the Dog Control Officer handles policy.

The Town's Attorney says the Town fully supports Tammy Swarts.

Oliver Blaise, Town of Lisle Attorney, says he and the Town Board have reviewed the facts of the situation and it appears to them that the Tammy Swarts, the Dog Control Officer, was in compliance with the law.

A Notice of Claim was filed in Lisle at the end of June for a pending lawsuit. Blaise says a formal investigation is underway. He says it will take two to three months. Blaise says the Town of Lisle cannot comment any further since it is potential pending litigation.

A woman Action News spoke with on Wednesday is upset her dog was put down after five days while being in Swarts' care. A petition has been started in the Town trying to oust Swarts of her job, saying she is difficult to reach.

Swarts has not responded to requests for comment but a friend reached out to WBNG.

"That woman loves animals immensely. She used to do 4-H and everything else. That woman would bend over backwards for an animal and I know that for a fact. She's even adopted some of the dogs herself just to save them," said Lorraine Wolfe, who now lives in Crisfield, MD.

Wolfe lived in the area for about ten years and says during that time, she adopted several animals that Swarts took in so she would not have to put them down.