Leaked city clerk email calls for spying

By Perry Russom

Leaked city clerk email calls for spying

August 11, 2014 Updated Aug 11, 2014 at 8:36 PM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) The Republicans in Binghamton City Council are calling on the City Council President Teri Renia to step down after an email was leaked calling for the job requirements of the city clerk to include spying on other political parties.

The leaked email was sent by Marty Doorey who is the chairman of the Community Development Advisory Committee.

In the letter, Doorey wrote he was asked to help facilitate the search for the new clerk.

Republican members of council are concerned about expectations for the clerk to be loyal to the party that gives them the job and provide them with what Doorey calls "political intelligence."

Doorey wrote they have to keep tabs on the politics behind certain pieces of legislation and report back on everything the mayor and other members of council are up to.

Right now, democrats control council, so it is their job to appoint the clerk and in charge of that party is Rennia.

"We just felt that this should go out openly, very transparently and anyone in the city should be able to apply for it as long as they have the qualifications," said Joseph Mihalko, a Republican on council.

Council members say Doorey should resign and they want Rennia to step down as president. Rennia said she will not step down.

Action News interviewed Rennia over the phone. She said she told Doorey to send an email looking for applicants and says that the email was written by Doorey, not by her.

"I believe such a requirement to be illegal and unethical and really I believe crosses the line when you talk about spying, political sabotage," said Binghamton Mayor Rich David.

At the next council meeting, the Republicans will be calling for a vote for a new council president.

While Rennia said the email went too far, she says this entire situation is being blown out of proportion.