Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) State Senator Tom Libous clears the air over claims made in a downstate federal corruption trial which drew testimony that involved him and his son. A federal jury convicted a Yonkers councilwoman and her cousin on corruption charges this week. During the trial, a key witness made allegations against two people not involved in the case -- Republican State Senator Tom Libous and his son, Matthew. The Senator said he would respond to the influence peddling claim once the trial was finished. Saturday, he did. "It has been a very difficult several weeks for me, because the claims that were made are unfounded," Sen. Libous said. Those claims were made against Senator Libous and his son by Anthony Mangone. Mangone was a lawyer who worked in Westchester County with the Senator's son, Matthew. Under oath, Mangone said the Senator called the law firm and used his influence to secure a job for his son and also arranged for a raise in Matthew's pay. "Our names came up in the testimony of an individual who had already perjured himself, had been indicted on a number of serious federal charges," Libous said. "That's it." "At no time did I talk to the firm about negotiating my son's salary," Libous said. "That did not take place. That absolutely did not take place. At no time did I ask them to hire my son." Matthew Libous eventually left the firm in 2006. "He figured out after about seven months that he was in a place that he didn't want to be in, and he left," Libous said. "Unfortunately, the people in that law firm were not good people." The Senator defends his family and points to Mangone's history of lying on the witness stand and other legal troubles. The trial has concluded, but has this road block for the Senate Deputy Majority Leader? Libous says yes. He is not under investigation by any state ethics organizations. "If someone were to file a complaint, they would have to have substantial charges," Libous said. "They would have to have something to file. There's nothing to file here." Now, Libous focuses on the passage of an on-time budget, which increases aid to schools and funds new road projects which he says will create jobs. "We filled a $2 billion deficit, and then kept spending under 2 percent," Libous said. The Senator asks for the continued trust of voters in the fifty-second state senate district, as he works to move past the claims made by Mangone. "I'm certainly not happy about what he said. But I would pray for him. He needs help," Libous said. Neither Senator Libous nor Matthew Libous have been charged with any crime, nor were they ever called to testify in this trial.