Lifesaving Kits

By Haley Burton

November 19, 2012 Updated Nov 19, 2012 at 7:25 PM EDT

Town of Dickinson, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Broome County Sheriff's deputies are now carrying something extra in their cars.

New, gunshot trauma kits have been installed in patrol vehicles.

The department recently bought 40 kits. They are essentially a medical kit with a tourniquet included as well as quick clot bandages and other equipment that could stop immediate severe bleeding.

"When it comes to a life or death situation, this kit could effectively save their life," said Sgt. Benjamin Harting, Director of Training Division.

Each kit cost $165.00. The kit is placed in an easily accessible area in the car so the deputy can reach it when needed in an emergency.

The Sheriff's Office says they had talking about purchasing them in the past, but with the recent instances around the country with officers getting shot as well as having the funding available, they decided to buy the kits now.

"Just recently in the shooting down in Binghamton, two officers got shot. They were calling for a trauma kit. It wasn't really needed but at the time of the shooting, everything was kind of up in the area as to what was going on and they were looking for trauma kits," said Sheriff David Harder, "We got to thinking about it anyone could get hit any place and something could happen and it would be worthwhile for us to invest in it."

"Because it's a county agency, we often are outside your normal areas for emergency response. It takes them quite a bit of time to get to some areas so we wanted our officers to have something available to them that could save their lives or the lives of another officer if they are severely injured," said Sgt. Harting.

Officers in the department had to be trained before the kits could be installed in the vehicles. They were also put in the detectives' cars.