Hope spreads after women found alive in Cleveland

By Jillian Marshall

May 8, 2013 Updated May 8, 2013 at 7:46 AM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) The nation has been captivated since three women were found alive in a suburb of Cleveland after being missing for a decade, including two local families who have been missing their sisters for years.

Bambi Madden, 42, of Binghamton, has not been seen or heard from since January 2006.

The mother of three has been missing for seven years, three years short of the women whose escape yesterday shattered an otherwise quiet Cleveland neighborhood.

After seeing the coverage that's captivated the country, Madden's sister, Amanda Barry, says she's found new hope.

"It gives you hope. Maybe, just maybe, she's still around somewhere," Barry said.

Barry says her family and community hasn't given up on finding her sister.

"Families have walked rail road tracks, roads, riverbanks, putting posters up all over the place," Barry said.

Two years after Bambi Madden disappeared, Bethanie Dougherty, 45, of Killawog, was last seen by her son.

"It just felt like my whole world tipped upside down. Nothing as been the same since," said Dougherty's sister, Billiejo Nuckolls.

The mother of three went missing in 2008.

Nuckolls says she was overcome with hope that she would see her sister again when she heard the news of the women found in Cleveland.

"I have more hope today than I did yesterday because there is a great possibility that even though five years have gone and passed, that even though another year could go by, or another five years could go by, that someday, like those women that were fortunately found alive, that my sister will be found alive too," Dougherty said.

If you have information about Bambi Madden, call Binghamton Police at (607) 723-5321.

If you have any information on Bethanie Dougherty, call Check Mate Investigations, at (607) 758-6199.