Steering clear on snowy days

By Alicia Nieves

January 18, 2014 Updated Jan 18, 2014 at 9:09 PM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) Snowy days are the busiest days for local towing companies, and often times they are responding to accidents in the same areas.

Usave Towing, in Binghamton, often responds to cars sliding off the road or going into a ditch. As early as 8:30 AM they got their first accident of the day.

"When I have a day like this today I try to get a full staff, to make sure we’re able to cover the roads and get the people out of there," said Jeffrey Peabody a towing and recovery specialist at Usave.

"The worst thing in this kind of temperature is being broken down in a car where it’s cold,” Peabody added.

While he makes sure he's fully staffed on snowy days, he said there are certain areas he frequently sends his drivers to.

"Anywhere up in the hills, anywhere there's a bridge, or over top of a bridge - even though right now it's about 29 degrees a bridge will ice up because you get air that comes up underneath it," Peabody said.

Airport Road, while it doesn't have very many hills, is an area Usave towing frequently responds to.

They believe that's because there's a stretch of road where the speed limit changes from 30 mph to 50 mph.

Often the accidents they respond to are simple cases of the driver not being mindful to slow down, instead of speeding up, when it's snowing and the roads are slippery.

Both the New York State Department of Transportation and Usave Towing said staying safe in snowy road conditions, is often not just a matter of knowing which roads to avoid, but a matter of just being more cautious.

"Allow yourself extra time and just understand that you are going to need to slow down," said Dave Hamburg a Public Information Officer for the New York State Department of Transportation.

You can check the Department of Transportation's website for more in-depth tips on driving in the snow.