Lockheed Hits Milestone In Navy Contract

By Haley Burton

Lockheed Hits Milestone In Navy Contract

February 23, 2011 Updated Feb 23, 2011 at 5:26 PM EDT

Owego, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Lockheed Martin celebrates a milestone in its MH-60 Helicopter program.

Lockheed successfully delivered the 300th Common Cockpit for the MH-60 on Wednesday.

The Common Cockpit is the hub of all activity for every multi-mission helicopter in the U.S. Navy fleet.

It has 4 screens providing the crew with instant information on everything from weather to weapons and sensors.

It enables the aircrew to perform diverse missions, including anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare.

The Common Cockpit has flown more than 334,000 flight hours in the MH-60S, the Sierra aircraft and more than 39,000 hours aboard the MH-60R, the Romeo.

Lockheed says the Common Cockpit reduces workload and increases situational awareness for crews.

"From the navy's perspective, the increases in capabilities the Sierra brings to the table are incredible, said US Navy Captain Mike Cashman, Commodore of the Helicopter Sea Combat Wing Atlantic. "We do everything from anti-ship warfare, to combat search and resuce to vertical delivery to mind warfare. The Sierra is a game-changer to the old legacies we've flown in the past."

"Significant complex missions have been added to both aircrafts and we're proud to provide the cockpit which is the heart and soul of the system and really where the crews interface and digest the information that goes into the aircraft," said George Barton, Director of Naval Helicopter Programs, Lockheed Martin.

The Navy plans to buy more than 500 of the two aircrafts, the Romeo and the Sierra, with the Common Cockpit suite through 2015.