Long Days Ahead for Lounsberry

By Matt Markham

September 13, 2011 Updated Sep 13, 2011 at 6:41 PM EDT

Lounsberry, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Lounsberry is one of many communities staring devastation in the face and working now to overcome it.

The smell is nauseating. The images bring you tears. Words are hard to come by.

Emily Woody house is covered in mud. The refrigerator was moved to its side in the kitchen. The baby's room is a mess. She's two months old.

Lounsberry was one area completely cut off during the flood, and now that neighbors are able to come back in, they should wear protective masks when reentering homes, because the stench and the dust and the mud from the flood is everywhere.

People lost their total livelihood," said Lounsberry resident Richard Frost. "All my neighbors, most of them, are probably going to move out. It's just total devastation."

Some consider themselves lucky. The Frosts only had water in the basement.

"In 2006, my swimming pool was under four feet of water," Frost said. "This time, it's under eight feet of water. That's the difference we're looking at in this area."

His next-door neighbors walked a few miles Friday to get supplies.

"We found out that a Wegmans tractor trailer was at the truck stop," said Linda Quick.

It was the only way to get any help.

"They gave us all the water that we could carry, all the bread that we could carry," Quick said.

Now, it's all the garbage neighbors can carry. But, they are committed to rise again here, come hell or high water.