Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Republican mayoral candidate Rich David has new plans for closing the communication gap at City Hall; democratic candidate Teri Rennia said that plan is nothing new. Both candidates unveiled new initiatives with just five days until Binghamton residents elect a new mayor. David said he will improve media access to City Hall in an effort to keep the people of Bihghamton become better informed. He said it is part of his initiative to "promote teamwork, keep a steady flow of communication and allow for quick responses to residents' concerns." He said this True Transparency Policy will allow the media to freely enter City Hall with cameras and without restrictions. He said this will give the community more say in the decisions made by city leaders. "Quite frankly what we have right now is a broken City Hall where morale has never been lower," David said. "Residents are very frustrated by the response time of different departments." Democratic candidate Rennia said many of David's suggestions in his new policy are impossible, have already been tried or are already implemented. "He's suggesting quality circles," Rennia said, "Project teams have been functioning very effectively in City Hall for the last eight years." On the heel of David's new initiatives, Rennia voiced her own plans for the city. She focused on public safety, and her opponent's stance on public safety, which she called "unconstitutional." Rennia said the city must embrace positive community policing techniques, not invasive policies such as 'stop-and-frisk.' "We brought police, code enforcement, corporation council and emergency medical services to the table and we all worked together to address one neighborhood problem." Rennia said. "It was a successful model and I think that particular model should be a policy more than a one-time approach that we only convene when there’s a crisis."