Icicles a danger with continual snow

By Amanda Hari

February 15, 2014 Updated Feb 16, 2014 at 12:52 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Heavy snow and continual moderate winter temperatures have increased the number and size of icicles in the Twin Tiers.

The icicles can damage your house and pose a threat to people walking under it if the icicle falls.

The store manager of Binghamton Slag Roofing, Nicholas Wilson, said the best way to avoid icicle growth on your roof is to remove the snow from your roof as soon as possible.

“The earlier the better," said Wilson. "You don't want to wait until icicles really start to form because once the wall of ice is created then you're snow melting behind that will gradually damn up behind the ice pack and that's what leaks in and gets into the house."

Binghamton Slag Roofing said there are two types of ice backup problems. The first is inadequate isolation. These icicles are caused by heat leaking through the roof and melting the ice.

The second is simply because of the weather and it will cause leaks in all houses. For this type of leakage to occur there must be relatively heavy snowfall and continual moderate winter temperatures just below freezing. This type of backup is more common.

If you want to clean off your roof on your own you will need a roof rake and a ladder. For safety, BSR suggests that a second person holds the ladder steady.

If you feel the icicles are too large to handle on your own, Wilson suggests to call a roofing specialist.