Nichols-Tioga Little League is back at home

By Perry Russom

May 4, 2013 Updated May 4, 2013 at 11:51 PM EDT

Village of Nichols, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Saturday was Opening Day for Nichols-Tioga Little League.

Like most at Little Leagues across the country, the national anthem played, there was the ceremonial first pitch, and the players recited the Little League pledge.

But this year, Opening Day meant more.

"It took a us a year and a half to get everything ready to go," said Nichols-Tioga Little League (NTLL) treasurer. "Finally, here we are, 2013, finally in our home park."

Robertson was the president of NTLL in 2011 when Tropical Storm Lee flooded Kirby Park.

The fields, fences, and scoreboards all had to be repaired.

"The parks been known to flood but not (with) that much force," said William Cass, Village of Nichols worker. "The water was muddy and full of trees."

"All of our games were on the road," said Todd' son Jake who played last year. "We didn't have a home field. It was pretty rough."

Despite the flood, NTLL still had their season last year.

The younger teams played at Tioga Central School while the older team was forced to travel to neighboring towns to play.

Todd Robertson said while he was the president during the reconstruction, it was truly a team effort.

"It's so good this year to see all of the kids back in the park reopened today," said Larry Luther who maintains the fields. "All of the hard work has paid off because we did it all for the kids.

"For us all to be together in one place, to see the younger kids playing, it means a lot," said Janice Barto, NTLL president.