New hangars at BGM

By Dave Sherry

August 29, 2013 Updated Aug 30, 2013 at 12:45 AM EDT

Town of Maine, N.Y. (WBNG Binghamton) The Greater Binghamton Airport showcased 20 new state-of-the-art T-hangers Thursday, with the hopes of generating more revenue.

The single-engine hangers replace the 30-year-old versions, which had manual doors that would get coated in snow and ice.

The new hangers face east, allowing the snow and ice to melt easier, offer five more spaces than before and have automatic doors.

"I've been flying for 45 years now and grappling with the old hangers, old doors, trying to push them, pull them, force them open and just to be able to go into a hanger like this and press a button and have it open up, I just think I'm in heaven, really," said Robert Russell, one of the hanger tenants.

Russell has housed three aircraft at the Greater Binghamton Airport for more than two decades and says the improvements have benefited the tenants immensely.

The tarmac and markings were also upgraded to allow for easier taxiing.

Broome County Aviation Commissioner Carl Beardsley Jr. says the old facilities deterred new business from the airport, and these upgrades will encourage additional tenants.

"It's important because general aviation aircraft, such as the ones you see behind us, make up 50 percent of the aircraft operations that occur here at the Binghamton Airport," Beardsley added.

The county anticipates the upgrades increase revenue by $21,000 annually.

Two hangers remain available for lease.