Potential Flash Flooding Has People Concerned

By Lindsay Nielsen

September 28, 2011 Updated Sep 28, 2011 at 6:36 PM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) When Tropical Storm Lee moved in three weeks ago, flash flooding was followed by river flooding.

We don't expect river flooding to be a problem with the current forecast, but flash flooding is possible in some areas.

And any potential to see water rising again has people on edge.

Though Wednesday's showers will not be comparable to the amount of rainfall that caused recent flooding.

Some residents in the Town of Union that have seen extreme damage are very nervous about the potential for more rainfall.

People say a small creek called West Creek flooded their homes, not the Nanticoke Creek that runs behind their homes.

They're upset that West Creek has not been properly maintained.

Some are still emotionally exhausted from the aftermath of flooding, and scared when hearing of more rain.

"The water did not come over top of the flood wall it came around it and this time it was because Broome County, Town of Union, or the State of New York did not keep the stream channels maintained or cleared," says Jack Lambert.

"Yeah I'm concerned because the last time our safety place was the fire station and that even got flooded from this little creek. So now where's going to be our safe zone to go," says Ann Marie Orinik.

"I'm mortified because I never dreamed it would ever happen again and the mud is so horrific , its endless endless cleaning up and its just really hurtful and to lose everything, and my home would have been paid for in April," says Helen Marshall.

Action News reached out to the Town of Union today, no one was available to comment on the issue people brought up about the maintenance of West Creek.

Highway Department crews in the Town of Vestal and the Town of Union continue to clean up debris, repair roads, and clean streets.

And with more rainfall anticipated to fall in Broome County today, they may have even more work ahead of them.

In the Town of Vestal, Highway Department crews continue to pick up flood debris

Crews are also working to repair ditches and road shoulders that were washed out.

If flash flooding does occur in Vestal, the areas of concern would are along the Choconut Creek.

"There's nothing you can do to prepare for that all you can do is wait and then fix the damage that occurred from it. We try to make sure all of our drains are open and culvert pipes," says Vestal Highway Superintendent Brock Leonard.

Leonard says they have used larger fill stones to prevent ditches and shoulders from washing out.

He believes it helped prevent damage with recent flooding and could help with any flash flooding as well.

Leonard says the town also plans to begin filling in sink holes that have occurred on some roads from flooding.

Also something to be aware of in the Town of Vestal.

The Highway Superintendent tells Action News the Town plans to stop picking up flood debris from residents on or around October 7th.