Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) A power outage left hundreds of city of Binghamton residents without electricity in bone-chilling temperatures. Power went out for close to 900 NYSEG customers on Binghamton's north side around 6:30 Tuesday night. "We were watching TV at like 6:30, me and my boyfriend, and it just went poof, the power, we heard that noise and then we had no power. So we ran downstairs to check my mom and everybody and nothing, no lights on the street, no nothing," said Lynzi Gollogly, of Binghamton. Initially, NYSEG did not know what caused the outage, but after getting the electricity back on around 9:30, they said the outage was caused by a faulty insulator in the power line. The outage affected residents, street lamps, and traffic signals. People used candles and cell phones to see through the darkness. Families bundled together to keep warm while wearing their winter coats, gloves, and hats. "We're cuddled up in my room, under a bunch of blankets so that's how we're staying warm," said Alexi Cintron, of Binghamton. Close to 30 streets in the city lost power on Tuesday. According to NYSEG's website, 891 customers were without electricity. That's close to 4 percent of Binghamton NYSEG customers.