Residents Upset About Lisle's Dog Control Officer

By Adam Chick

August 9, 2012 Updated Aug 10, 2012 at 10:13 AM EDT

Town of Lisle, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Residents in Lisle are furious because they say dogs picked up by the Dog Control Officer are being euthanized too early.

Tammy Swarts, Lisle's dog control officer, has come under fire recently because residents say she is impossible to contact.

Town residents have organized a petition with 933 signatures asking for her resignation.

They claim she picks up dogs, waits the required five days and has them euthanized.

According to residents, Swarts is unreachable during that five day period.

"When she keeps the dog for five days we're finding out that she doesn't answer her messages, she doesn't answer her phone calls. And these dogs that she's picking up she's putting them down after five days. And then families are not being heard during that five days," said resident Roxanne Randall.

"She's the one that is supposed to return the phone calls. That's her job. That's what taxpayers pay her to do," said resident Teri Ann Montoya.

Townspeople did put together a plan for future cases of dogs being taken in by the town.

It stipulates that the town will notify a dog shelter so the dog shelter could help find an owner.

It also asks that the town put the dog into foster care if an owner cannot be found within the five days.

The town was very receptive to this idea.

No word yet on when or if it will be implemented.

Town Supervisor Edward Gehm also said he wouldn't approve the euthanization of a dog before contacting a dog shelter first.