Rich David back in Binghamton mayoral race

By Matt Porter

April 9, 2013 Updated Apr 9, 2013 at 12:11 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Business owner Rich David, 36, will seek the Republican party line to run for Binghamton Mayor after all.

David withdrew his name from consideration in February, citing his concern about late tax payments for one of his businesses. He felt it would be a distracting issue in the campaign.

David said since then, he has heard from other business owners and city residents encouraging him to reconsider.

"What really meant the most to me is people talking about their own struggles and stories," David said. "People talking about problems they've had making ends meet, whether it was in regard to taxes, mortgage payments, credit cards. Just the daily struggles that so many people in the city and the nation are facing."

This will be David's second run for Binghamton Mayor. He also ran for mayor in 2009.

David said he wants to make the campaign about local issues including jobs, stabilizing taxes, and ensuring public safety.

He said he believes there will be a clear choice in this fall's election.

"If you look at our records, our record of accomplishment and in Councilwoman (Teri) Rennia's case, her voting record and support for this administration," David said. "I think that you will see a stark contrast between the vision that she has for the city and the vision that I have."

David's opponent, Democrat Teri Rennia, said she wants to go back to basics with her campaign and focus on infrastructure replacement, urban development and public safety.

She agreed with David the campaign should be about the issues and not the candidates.

"Binghamton is facing so many challenges right now," Rennia said. "We need to be focusing our energies in finding a way to address these challenges head on, and we can't allow ourselves to get sidelined with negativity and negative attacks."

David serves as Public Affairs Officer for Broome Community College. He will take a leave of absence from BCC after graduation in May.

David plans to make his formal announcement on April 25 at Terra Cotta. During the announcement, he plans to discuss several campaign issues including his ideas for creating jobs, minimizing tax increases and reducing crime.