Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan makes a decision on his future. He will not run for the State Senate seat held by Republican Tom Libous. But, he is stepping forward to call for an ethics investigation against the Senator. The mayor, a Democrat, said this isn't a political move, since he won't be running against Libous, a Republican. Ryan says he wants to get to the bottom of one person's claim that Libous secured a well-paying job for his son using the Senator's political clout. After meeting with reporters, Ryan mailed out the letter to the State Commission on Public Ethics. The mayor says he has heard what he calls concerning comments from people in the community about how Senator Libous works with his constituents and uses his influence. Libous has staunchly denied recent allegations of influence peddling. The claims against the Senator come during trial testimony offered by Anthony Mangone, in a case that did not involve the Senator. Mr. Mangone has admitted to lying under oath before. He worked at the Westchester firm which employed Matthew Libous. Ryan believes Mangone is telling the truth this time. "With him facing 45 years in prison, he knows that if he lies on that stand, not only does he jeopardize their case and they will treat him very severely if they thought he lied," Ryan said. "For someone to make up a fanciful, tangential story in a trial just makes no sense to me. Does it make sense to you?" In response to Ryan's claims, a spokesman for Senator Libous said, "Mr. Ryan should worry more about the potholes he needs to fix. He's too-easily distracted by events in Washington, Albany and even Northern Pennsylvania. Senator Libous is extremely confident that JCOPE will dismiss his baseless and partisan complaint." Mayor Ryan said he will be the first to apologize if an investigation shows no ethics violations.