Sandy Prep: Norwich

By Jillian Marshall

Sandy Prep: Norwich

October 29, 2012 Updated Oct 29, 2012 at 1:20 PM EDT

Norwich, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Mayor, Joseph Maiurano, issued recommendations for residents for the pending effects from Hurricane Sandy.

The City of Norwich Mayor said, "we ask city residents to take a common sense approach to this storm. There's no need to panic, but people should be prepared in the event of extended power outages due to down trees and power lines."

Maiurano recommends:

Take down Halloween decorations, flags, signs (political, real estate, etc) and other hanging or free-flying objects.

Put away all lawn and patio furniture in a secure location. If you cannot lift the furniture, flip it over.

Make sure there are no leaves on flat roofs or gutters.

If you have Monday or Tuesday garbage pickup, it's recommended not to put out garbage cans or recycling bins.

If power goes out and traffic lights are not functioning, intersections become four-way stops. Traffic control will not be provided at these intersections.

"We encourage residents to secure anything that could become a projectile and injure someone or property," said the Mayor.