Sunday: A Look At Apalachin's Flood Recovery

By Brennan Smith

September 11, 2011 Updated Sep 12, 2011 at 8:07 AM EDT

Apalachin, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Those who live and work there say Apalachin was hit ten times harder in this year's flood than in 2006.

Action News went into the area Sunday for the first time since the flooding.

In Apalachin, a muddy coat of dust shows just where the Susquehanna River used to be.

"It looks like something from a movie. It's just insane. People are just walking around dazed. They don't know what to do because they can't go anywhere," said Mike Antalek.

Antalek lives in Campville where his entire basement was flooded.

On Sunday, he decided to help out his friends at the Big Dipper, which was under six feet of water.

One of the biggest things they have to contend with is the mud.

"That's why we've got the gloves. We don't know what's in this. Yesterday, we walked over to the bridge, and there were oil tanks that were compromised in people's homes. It was in the water, antifreeze, oil, gas, you name it," said Antalek.

As workers at the Big Dipper, Apalachin Pharmacy and Subway clean up, others are still talking about that water that is there.

"Everything in there was new. The refrigerator, stove, cabinets. It's a heartbreaker," said Sharon Martinfish, Town of Owego.

Martinfish owns three homes on Pennsylvania Avenue. Not long ago, she restored one of them that was taken out in the 2006 floods. Now she's doing it again.

"This time, I'll make it flood-proof! I'll put the furnace in the attic, and the water heater in the attic. Ripping down sheet rock and insulation is no big deal, but when you're talking about replacing flooring, that's thousands of dollars," she said.

Thousands of dollars that will come out of her own pocket since she decided not to buy flood insurance after the last "hundred" year flood.

Owners of the Big Dipper in Apalachin say they will rebuild the ice cream shop. They plan to open it next year.